Hep Awareness – I can’t wait the CANIT way


CLF, or the Chennai Liver Foundation, was founded by Prof. R.P.Shanmugam to battle the alarming number of liver diseases. The foundation works as a voluntary non-profit organization that seeks to increase awareness about all types of liver health issues and concerns. CLF can proudly boast about being the pioneer organization in the country that focuses on education, research, and treatment of liver diseases.

Identifying the problem area

The client had only one concern they wanted us to work on actively, and it is not surprising that they wanted us to promote liver health and make people aware of all the concerns that come from the same if not appropriately tended. 

Thus on World Hepatitis Day, which is on 28th July, CANIT sent forward a proposal to highlight awareness about Hepatitis and how CLF has helped educate people about it all.

Plan of action

The team had a clear idea about what this particular campaign needed and how to go about it throughout the month. 

More and more awareness must be created amongst the mass, and the audience needs to be engaged on all platforms – online or offline. 

The main points that needed to be highlighted:

  1. Types of hepatitis
  2. The leading causes of the disease
  3. Necessary preventive measures that can be taken

Three significant steps were utilized for the same, online, offline, and the finale, ‘No Hep Walk.’


All the platforms had uniform information that had been collected and curated in such a way that it was not only simple to read and learn about but also very crisp and invigorating.

The theme and colour palette followed were taken from the ones suggested by World Hepatitis Alliance for 2022.

Many people do not know that the 28th of July is celebrated as World Hepatitis Day. They were also unaware that globally close to 325 million people, if not more, have hepatitis

We wanted people to be aware of all the concerns not to alarm them but to equip them from a bleak future. Therefore, the symptoms of hepatitis were shared, and the general public was urged that if they or their loved ones ever suffered from the symptoms suggested, they should get immediate medical assistance.


Campaign – Online

12 health clinics were set up throughout the country, and hepatitis screening was arranged for those attending. These successful camps were then broadcasted over social media platforms to make people aware of the need and benefits of attending these health camps.

Different catchy, thoughtful, and informative posts were made to catch the audience’s attention and educate them with the posts in a way that made the information easy to grasp and fun to remember. 

Starting with a post that urged people to kick Hepatitis with the help of preventive vaccination before it had a chance to do the same with them was a fun way to divulge serious information.

Other posts made information about the different kinds of infection, their leading causes, and the number of people worldwide it affected. For example, leading a sedentary lifestyle was highlighted as one of the leading causes of this severe disease that could be fatal.

Campaign – Offline

The offline campaigns, too, highlighted all the information shared through the different online platforms. As a result, people were urged to get screened through the health camps arranged by the foundation or their doctors. The ultimate result was people becoming more aware of all the causes, symptoms, and preventative measures for Hepatitis.

The grand finale of this epic journey of making more and more people aware of the different issues they can face due to Hepatitis and their poor liver was with the No Hep Walk. People joined in hundreds and made the event an epic success for sure.

The final feather in the cap was receiving a big pat on the back from none other than the World Hepatitis Alliance with a tweet when they congratulated the month-long campaign.