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With over 15 years of expertise, CANIT Solutions specialises in providing unparalleled strategies for healthcare players. Our team of young creative minds consistently discover inventive ways to communicate your brand’s vision and boost your sales and revenue. 

We work with brands to develop futuristic ideas and use advanced technologies to execute them. We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we endeavor to offer unique strategies that would take your brand to the right audience at the right time across all digital platforms.

Digital Trends in the Healthcare Sector, 2022

  • Email Marketing is driving up numbers.
  • Google Business Listing is bigger than ever. (GMB)
  • User generated reviews drive credibility
  • WhatsApp bots help in automation of operations
  • Short videos/reels drive engagement.
  • Targeting patients using digital ads works best
  • Content marketing fuels organic website traffic
  • Podcasts generate walk-ins
  • Establishing thought leadership helps build the brand
  • Storytelling works in healthcare.

Why Digital makes sense now more than ever!

Digital Acceptance of Health Care
Digital Strategies to Capitalize
Impact of CANIT’s Digital Strategy
Digital Objectives for Healthcare
Our Work and Results

What are the struggles with your healthcare brand?

Social media engagement
Brand growth
Website isn’t generating leads
Getting quality leads
Traffic isn’t converting
Online reputation building

How does CANIT bring Digital Solutions to Healthcare Brands?

We specialize in creating successful digital marketing solutions for hospitals and healthcare service providers. At CANIT, we bridge the gap between your best practices and patients by boosting your brand’s digital presence and credibility. Here is what you gain when you partner with us:

Advanced Healthcare Search Engine Optimisation

Our skilled specialists offer a strong, integrated SEO strategy for you to get an edge on the competition. We provide end-to-end SEO solutions from identifying potential keywords to making your website more search-engine friendly and boosting visibility. 

Healthcare Website Design & Development

We offer scalable, easy to access, high-performing and efficient medical website development services that further enable medical firms to gain the attention of patients from different parts of the country.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps you connect with a larger audience and scale up your digital presence. We evaluate your current social media activity and develop creative strategies to increase patient interaction and drive more traffic to your website. 

Healthcare Content Marketing

Patients are on Google daily searching for answers related to their health concerns. We get your brand at the top of the search engine results list using credible, quality and authoritative content that will build trust with the patients you want who need your health care.

Healthcare Online Reputation Management

Your website needs superior credibility and higher rankings to grab more patients on the web. Our healthcare ORM services can get you the best of both worlds. We can help you gain genuine reviews from happy customers and patients and encourage them to share their best experiences.

Healthcare Pay-per-clicks Marketing

At times you need quick results for your digital campaigns; here is where our strategically planned pay-per-clicks campaigns come in handy. Building, optimising, and tracking multiple campaigns is part of how we achieve conversion goals. From Google ads to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ads, we handle it all! 

Our Work Portfolio

With design and messaging strategy in the driving seat, we have made a substantial difference to our clients.

Our Management Team

Here is what a perfect team looks like! It is about coming together of the right mix of people to deliver the best for our clients.

Nicky Bharat
Nicky Bharat

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Seshu Karthick
Seshu Karthick

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Raj Bharat
Raj Bharat

Managing Director (MD)

What Our Clients Say

Definitely, nothing but praise! We’re happy to keep our 100+ clients happy 🙂

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