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Our Solutions

Digital Journey

1st step of creating digital awareness is through a website as it acts as an index of your organization

Chatbot solutions

Chatbots are used for managing simple as well as structurally repetitive tasks which require active human intervention.

Virtual Product Launch

Our virtual product launch solutions enable you to give exposure to your new products or services to the global audience.

CRM Solutions

CRM provides the optimal approach for reaching the targeted customers.

About Us

CAN[IT] as an idea is a birth of curiosity and imagination.  We are a marteckbusiness consultant and our objective is to provide corporates 360 degrees customer lifecycle management solution.

CAN[IT]’s rapid opportunity identification, digital solutions repository and structured implementation process enables corporate to achieve their business objectives by optimizing 5 core areas.

Resource Optimization

One of the approaches for increasing profitability is resource optimization.


Elimination or minimizing human interventions minimizes possibilities of human errors as well as dependency


Our automation solutions help increasing productivity along with ensuring high standard on product quality along with output consistency

Time management

Manual tasks take time. They have to be performed linearly by humans who are prone to errors and who are unable to consistently perform to the highest standards.


Forecasting job completion and being able to perform “what if” analyses of schedule changes benefits operations by removing much of the guesswork from daily tasks.


Raj Bharat

Founder & CEO

Chirag Bhatt

Co-Founder & CMO