Power of Coming Together

It is the power of coming together of like-minded people to create a greater impact that the world has been waiting to witness!

Believing in the saying “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”… it’s time for us to take the journey farther.

The single most successful evolutionary attribute that distinguishes us from all other living beings on this planet is the ability to synergize with each other to successfully resolve problems through effective valued alliances. Now, by ‘valued alliances‘, we mean the ability of two or more individuals to diminish their egos, their biases towards one and another, their working styles, and most importantly, their organizational agendas – for the benefit of shared success.

Empirically speaking, a value alliance is not an easy endeavor to implement. Most participants tend to have their agendas and biases, which make it hard to collaborate well. While most cannot work in large groups, it takes a monumental effort to bring together a group of people who can collaborate.

At CANIT Solutions, every individual believes and repeatedly emphasizes that the best way forward is to collaborate. It is a complex process and requires time, money, and people – the right people. While time and money are constant variables for all, people themselves aren’t. People are complex bundles of emotions, ideas, intelligence, and values. The only way can people agree to disagree without holding a grudge is when the discussion is anchored around mutual respect, understanding that there are different viewpoints, and working towards a common goal. As the saying goes, ‘unity through diversity‘. The characteristics that one should look out for in the ‘right people‘ are organizer, diplomat, technician, teacher, counselor, matchmaker, salesperson, referee, judge, and disciplinarian. Not to forget, the unique expertise they bring to the fold.

“Leadership is about the creation, coordination, and control of a shared sense of who we are and what we value as an organization.”

Professor Michael Platow, Australian National University

The expertise and experience of each leader is the most critical pillar of success – Raj Bharat as Group CEO and Investor, Nicky Bharat as CEO and Head of Sales, Seshu Karthik as COO and Head of Digital Operations and Rishi Dev Ratan as Head of Data and Strategy.

This assures that there is legitimacy in action and the authority to make key decisions. When you break pillars and omit people from collaboration, they can become external critics and even saboteurs. That’s how ships sink. To avoid such failures, leaders need to pave the road with transparency, inclusivity, and diversity – key attributes present at CANIT Solutions.

For there to be transparency, it is important that a clearly defined purpose is charted out. A defined purpose needs to be a large objective that can be accomplished through achievable smaller steps. This needs to be discussed and agreed upon by each leader. In that case, the alliance train will get to its destination and achieve something of unique value.

Bringing together the right people, who possess the skill, creativity, dedication, and tenacity to move an alliance forward, also assures that when the organization hits its inevitable rough patches, the train keeps chugging forward. When people fit together, like pieces of a puzzle, community intelligence has a substantial positive impact on business outcomes. This is motivational and benefits employees, customers, vendors, partners, and local communities. Leadership then takes on a new paradigm, focusing on business outcomes the way they should be achieved – the right way.

At CANIT Solutions, each of us believes that “the train is headed north and I want a seat on it”. We believe that this is a good beginning for any organization. While all of us have come from different places with different values and beliefs, we work together to get to the point where there is a recommendation or decision that everyone can buy into and hold the collaboration together until that point is reached.

“We need a new type of leader, who can take a collaborative approach and create a safe space, regardless of what’s happening externally.”

May Knight, Korn Ferry Hong Kong

There is only one truth that demonstrates the transformative power of bringing people together and building a community – the unwavering willingness to break a sweat. Once you experience a company where walls are being torn down and silos dismantled, it’s impossible to go back.

The 21st-century market has thrown a lot of new challenges at business leaders. One of the essential functions that keep many organizations at bay is their lack of innovation. At CANIT Solutions, we understand that the way to tackle this challenge is through diversity. CANIT Solutions itself was born as a women-run organization (albeit involuntarily) and now showcases both genders equally. Beyond this, we have creative thinkers, strategists, analysts, doers, technicians, designers, and many more facets amongst our employees. But all this will not happen organically, it needs to be set as an intentional policy. The leadership has made sure of that as inclusivity starts from the inside out.

“A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We strongly believe that CANIT Solutions has hit a rare combination of talent. We have both ‘heart-led‘ and ‘head-led‘ leaders and workforce. The first clusters more around people-oriented and talent building capabilities, the second on action and results. And together, that is the recipe for success!

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