How Apollo Moved Closer to the Customer

Apollo Hospital Enterprise Limited is an Indian multinational hospital that transformed into a familiar healthcare name over the last two decades. With its inventive digital marketing tactics, the brand managed to capture the attention of millions across the country.

A Brief Overview

Apollo Hospitals is a multi-specialty healthcare chain established by Dr Pratap Reddy in 1983 in Chennai. The brand has an immense presence throughout our country’s healthcare system. From preventive health care to innovative treatments to general wellness, their presence is everywhere.

Apollo is responsible for bringing ground-breaking technology into the Indian healthcare industry. They are constantly researching & developing and have also ventured into medical tourism.

Digital Strategies of Apollo Hospitals

The Apollo hospital enterprise spread its wings across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn to reach out to more followers. They are exceedingly active on all social media platforms, regularly sharing informative posts, stories, reels, and memes to stay connected with people.

Various digital marketing strategies employed by them include:

  • Reel to Heal
  • Polls
  • Blogs
  • #38yearsofhealing
  • Run for a healthy heart

Reel to Heal

Reel to Heal is a campaign designed by Apollo. They share informative videos relating to health care, namely, Covid’19, vaccinations, etc. The experts from Apollo share their opinion relating to healthcare, Covid’19, Vaccinations, tips for better health, debunking myths about diseases, etc. The reel to heal videos gets an average of about 2K views and 50 likes.


Apollo hospital conducts regular polls on Twitter, posting health-related questions, and publishing the result after 24hours. The poll has gained about an average of 50 votes. This campaign ensures that they initiate and retain engagement among the followers.  

They add the poll after they publish their new blog of the week. Usually, the poll questions are based on the blog post. For instance, the poll, do you think vision is the most important sense we possess, was published as a follow-up for their blog, First Aid for Eyes. In this way, the poll helps garner more attention to their informative articles. 


Apollo has a dedicated page webpage for posting their blogs called Ask Apollo. Their blog has an excellent reach. They are consistent with the blog posts on this website. Most of their content is based on healthy lifestyle, covid information, A-Z health, and medical information. 

Here is the range of topics they post on Ask Apollo- Dangers of high cholesterol, Food & lifestyle habits that can diminish your vision, Tips to keep your heart rate under check, Breathing exercises for COVID-19, and more. 


Marking the 38th anniversary of the Apollo hospital enterprise, they had created a hashtag #38yearsofhealing. The hashtag was used by many organisations such as Myntra, HDFC Life, etc., to congratulate them on their 38th anniversary, which made this hashtag a trend on social media platforms.

Run for a Healthy Heart

Apollo has an active community on Facebook called Run for a Healthy Heart that conducts regular marathon events to create awareness on health care. They started this campaign on World Heart Day, 29th September.

The group organises mini-marathons across various cities to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle and emphasise the importance of running or walking to nurture a healthy heart.


Apollo Hospitals is an excellent example of a company using inventive digital marketing strategies and executing them to perfection. They design great content, present it professionally, and make sure they reflect the essence of the content in other platforms and engage their followers.

Suppose you are looking to amplify your brand’s reach and value. In that case, you could follow in the footsteps of Apollo’s digital campaigns. There is so much to absorb from Apollo’s diverse tactics, which bring them closer to their customer and boosts their business.