The Captivating Digital Strategy of Tanishq

Are you someone who doesn’t skip a Tanishq YouTube ad? If so, you’re not the only one. The campaigns initiated by Tanishq have always stood apart in terms of messaging and quality from its competitors. By being better and different, the brand has captured a whooping fan following. There has also been immense engagement among people whenever they launch a new campaign.

Quick Introduction

Tanishq, a division of Titan company, is an Indian jewelry brand founded in 1994. It is one of the fastest-growing jewelry brands, and it is best known for its eclectic designs and unsurpassed product quality. The brand offers a plethora of gold and diamond collections ranging from mangalsutras to chains, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Tanishq has over 300 stores across the country, and you can also buy these products through online stores. 

When the branch launched in 1994, it wasn’t really successful. So, what changed now that has evolved the brand and its business? Their business surged when they changed their brand positioning. Earlier, Tanishq talked about the purity of the gold, but now, their marketing is focused on progressive and young modern women. 

Digital Campaigns of Tanishq

We picked a few campaigns to talk about here. These campaigns were Tanishq’s most successful digital campaigns to date.

  • Blink to explore.
  • Experts speak from experience.
  • Sparkling moment.
  • Ad campaigns on women empowerment, gender, and caste discrimination.
  • Little big moments
  • Moods of the Earth

Blink to Explore is an effect fashioned by Tanshiq on Instagram. It allows users to use this effect to post stories or reels. The effect matches the ear of the user and automatically suggests earrings. When the person using the effect blinks her eyes, it changes accordingly.

The target audience of this effect was young women users. Many stories have been posted using this effect, and a reel made using this effect had an average of 2144 views.

Experts Speak from Experience

Experts Speak from Experience is a campaign aimed to smash the barrier between the first-time buyers of diamonds and the diamond itself. Here, the Tanishq employees narrate their experience with the customers who bought diamonds for the first time. The expert’s anecdotes melt the apprehensions of novel shoppers and build a strong trust in buying diamonds.

The videos and photos related to this campaign had 20k views and 500 likes on a average.

Sparkling Moment

The Sparkling Moment is a campaign for their new collection, “Utsaah,” exclusively launched for festivals.

The campaign covers 9 lucid posts with a captivating tagline and their elegant product. The mood of the slogan was nostalgia that took onlookers to the good old festival days spent with their family and friends. 

The campaign worked wonders. It swayed viewers down memory lane during their hectic everyday lives. The videos and posts of this campaign had an unparalleled reach, with an average of 50k views and 5,000 likes per post.

Thought-Provoking Ad Campaigns 

Most of Tanishq’s ad campaigns on YouTube focus on women empowerment, gender, and religious discrimination. Their riveting ads are always distinct from their competitors. Though their ads receive backlash for making bold statements, they always have managed to stay relevant and initiate discussions.

In 2013, Tanishq emerged with an advertisement for a second marriage. The ad was for the brand’s wedding collection. The ad bolstered to break the social stigma around second marriages and took a brave stand on a sensitive issue. 

In addition, the ad created a lot of buzz not only because of the theme of remarriage but also by featuring a dark-skinned bride. Brand experts affirm that the remarriage ad was a turning point in Tanishq’s ad journey.

In 2016, their ad focused on a young woman winning an entrepreneur award. The ad was for Tanishq’s Niloufer collection. Within five days of its launch, the ad had recorded around 2,00,000 views on YouTube.

For the Mirayah campaign, Tanishq threw the limelight on the often forgotten age group of 40+ women. The ad features a group of friends singing a personalised birthday song for their friend’s 40th birthday. 

The ad is for women of that age group to re-discover themselves and live their lives without deadlines. The ad worked across all age groups of women since it showcased women friendship and was aspirational for young women and for women nearing their forties. 

Tanishq, in partnership with Dentsu Webchutney, launched the campaign, #MarriageConversations. It was a compelling ad that shifted people’s gaze from the wedding extravagance to the meaningful conversations about marriage between couples.

The campaign aimed to encourage couples to have conversations about marriage and the life they want to build together.

  • Ekatvam 

A 45-second ad that Tanishq released on YouTube last year portrays a Muslim family celebrating the baby shower of their Hindu daughter-in-law. The ad stirred a lot of controversies and led to the hashtag #BoycottTanishq trending on Twitter. Even though they deleted the ad, it still has an exceedingly positive response among netizens for inculcating the message of diversity. 

Moods of the Earth

Tanishq’s latest campaign for the collection, Moods of the Earth, is inspired by Mother Earth and the mesmerising ways her beauty is manifested. 

The collection features high-value diamond jewelry with over 28 unique sets that have been crafted for women of style and exemplary taste.

Tanishq pays homage to the our planet with this collection as it captures the fascinating facets of Mother Nature in its designs, such as:

  • The Fascinating Terrains
  • The Blushing Blooms
  • The Ethereal Snow
  • The Lush Greens


Tanishq is actively creating unique ads and heartwarming campaigns that capture attention and ignite conversations. Their campaigns and ads connect well with the audience, create an impact, making them remember the brand. 

The digital marketing strategies employed by the brand are aspirational and way ahead of its competitors. Needless to say, their strategies are something to look up to since they are unique, enchanting and most importantly, drive sales!