Digital Campaigns of Fortis Healthcare

What was once through word of mouth, people now rely on the internet to find the best doctors and hospitals in their city. Hence, it has become increasingly important for hospitals and healthcare providers to be online to showcase their services to provide people with pertinent information.

Healthcare groups such as Fortis understand the growing significance of having an exceptional digital presence to engage with their target audience. While many have a strong online buzz, Fortis has been relatively more successful in capturing the online community’s attention than its competitors.

About Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare is a leading integrated healthcare service provider that has a presence in over 11 countries. They have world-class facilities, highly-skilled professionals, and compassionate employees to get the job done 100%.

Their vision is to become the most trusted healthcare provider globally. Their brand messaging and campaigns try to focus on this mainly. They have implemented various campaigns to broaden their reach throughout the decade.

Digital Campaigns of Fortis

Fortis has a substantial social media presence on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and implemented digital campaigns during the pandemic. They created a strong image across with effective campaigns. Some of those campaigns are;

  • All is well
  • Covid expert group
  • Health Tips
  • Attack the Attack

Let us look at their various campaigns and how they have fared. 

All is Well

#AlliswellIndia, #AlliswellMumbai or #AlliswellChennai is a social media campaign launched by Fortis at the beginning of the year, predominantly on Instagram and Twitter. The new year saw an upsurge in Covid’19 cases. Metros like Mumbai and Chennai witnessed a significant peak. The fear of Omicron was driving people into their shells, and the atmosphere was panic-ridden. At this point, Fortis launched #AllisWell with the city.

The campaign was to ensure people that they need not panic. The messaging of the campaign focused on how prepared the city and its healthcare system were to serve its people with all required services.

By taking on the role as an industry leader, the people received this campaign well.

Covid Expert Group

#CovidExpertGroup is a campaign on Instagram where they started publishing a series of short videos of experts from Fortis unfolding various aspects of Covid19. The experts broke the myths regarding Covid and also threw light on the following topics:

  • Various precautions to be taken during the pandemic to stay safe.
  • Benefits of vaccinations and how vaccines help decrease the severity of Covid infections. 
  • The importance of adhering to safety protocols during the pandemic.
  • The importance of wearing double masks to avoid the contraction of Covid.

By being a thought leader, Fortis is becoming a go-to healthcare provider in people’s minds.

Health Tips

#Healthtips is the relatively new series of posts by the healthcare giant that provides users with necessary information regarding various medical conditions. The posts are published on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The posts cover a range of topics, including terminal illnesses like cancer, obesity, dental hygiene, diet plans, heart conditions, kids’ well-being, and more.

Fortis understood that it was important to look beyond their services and focus on the people’s general health. While many healthcare providers put up a post once in a while, Fortis ran an entire campaign around it, thus addressing the whole healthcare ecosystem.

Attack the Attack

#AttacktheAttack was launched in 2016, spearheaded by Fortis’s leading cardiologists and singer-musician, Raghu Dixit. In the first phase of the campaign, a survey was conducted to check the preparedness of Mumbai citizens to identify a heart attack and how to tackle it. It was conducted between July and August. 

After collecting the data, the campaign strategised on creating awareness to know specific heart attack symptoms and the urgency to acquire medical aid within the first hour of the heart attack. 

The campaign was amplified on popular social media platforms and targetted a net-savvy audience.


Fortis Healthcare does an excellent job finding relevant campaigns to boost its social media presence. They successfully create great content and ensure it reflects their brand’s vision and services. 

There are crucial takeaways after looking at their different campaigns. 

Firstly, they have designed various campaigns catering to their target audience, ensuring they address all chunks of the pie. Although the engagement of these campaigns was not as high as say campaigns of the retail industry would have received, it put Fortis on the map in the digital space.

However, it is also critical to think why even such a leading healthcare service provider isn’t able to create a massive buzz continuously. They have minimal social media engagement otherwise. Secondly, there is a high possibility that these strategies get monotonous and quickly copied by their competitors. It is vital to get inventive and, more important, to add value-added content rather than tips.

What do you think of Fortis’s digital campaigns? Do you think they are able to rise above the noise and reach their target audience with such strategies?

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