Winning the key to a customer’s heart with #HarmonyCares


Harmony Homes is a distinguished real estate development company based in Chennai, specialising in building elite residential architecture suitable for urban areas. 

Led by esteemed industry veterans S. Ramakrishnan and S.S Prasad Babu, Harmony Homes are renowned in the real estate development industry for their avante-garde architectural designs, outstanding customer care and precise project management. 

Popularly known for their distinctive signature style that combines clean modern designs and urban amenities with traditional functionality, they take great pride in connecting people to their ideal dream homes. 

The results? Outperformed expectations!




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Our Core Mission

To come up with campaigns that get people talking, we began thinking of ideas and strategies that aimed to spark conversations and curiosity around crucial aspects of home ownership and urban living. 

The main objective of this campaign was to encourage prospective homeowners to make smart and ethical decisions on home ownership. 

The Inception of #Harmonycares

With our main objective being encouraging people to make smart home choices, we came up with the idea to create fun, informative reels around certain topics of home ownership. 

The reels will involve informative insights into aspects of home management and home ownership, sharing informative facts and suggestions on the steps a homeowner can take to make their homes more secure, cosy and comfortable. 

  • We came up with concepts that are interesting and fun, like the Tinder swipe video concept in relation to Valentine’s Day.
  • We included information that is useful for Homeowners, ranging from information about investment to information about home amenities and appliances. 
  • To create more trust in the brand Harmony Homes, we also included reels that had heartfelt testimonials from customers. 

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