The challenge was to give a creative outlook to Nuts n Spices. We said, “Bring It On!”


Avengers and Justice League crossover? We helped Nuts ‘n’ Spices to launch a creative campaign to amplify their digital presence across social platforms using Marvel and DC characters.

Going through the relevancy route was a good decision which helped Nuts ‘n’ Spices gain considerable traction on all social media platforms!

Impact of Creative Design Campaign


About the brand

Nuts ‘n’ Spices is a chain of outlets that deals in food products like cashews, raisins, and other Indian sweets and savouries. They’re inspired by the vintage tastes of classic India. With over three generations of experience, Nuts ‘n’ Spices have 33 outlets based in Puducherry, Coimbatore, Chennai & Bengaluru.

Rise of Health Conscious Eating

COVID-19 hit the world, and we witnessed a sudden surge in health-conscious eating habits. COVID-19 proved that people were ready to make healthy lifestyle changes and adapt to the relevant scenario. 

Creative Idea

The idea was to associate nuts and spices with the popular Avengers and Justice League characters in witty, humorous, and creative ways. Relevancy of these characters can lead to good follower base as well as increase brand awareness. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther came from Marvel Comics. Associated with DC were Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder woman, and Green lantern. 

Campaign Objective

Marvel and DC are well-known fandoms existing across the globe. Our campaign revolved around these two comic book giants to increase and establish Nuts ‘n’ Spices’ digital presence online. Following were the objectives of the campaign:

  • Increase digital presence across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn,
  • Promote healthy living by describing the nutritional benefits of their products.
  • Increase web traffic via pop culture references to Marvel and DC comic book giants.
  • Inform people on how to sustain healthy living with dried fruits and spices.

Aside from the trending hashtags relating to food and healthy eating, CANIT helped Nuts ‘n’ Spices to come up with their own hashtags for promotion.  We came up with  #nuttyavengers for Marvel-based creatives and #spicesleague for DC.


CANIT came through with witty creatives. Nuts were associated with Marvel and Spices for DC. Funny associations like Black Raisin and the Iron Cashew were used for Marvel. DC had the Black Pepper Man and Flash Turmeric as their mascots. Along with the posts came helpful explanations of how the particular food helps!