Teralanx Solutions – Growth, the CANIT Way!


The tagline for Teralanx Solutions aptly says connect to find the talent you need for real growth because they joined us to make their LinkedIn brand efficient. The company is well-known for providing excellent staffing and tech solutions for large and small corporations. Their clientele includes companies from not just India but around the world. Their approach is proprietary; furthermore, they extensively research and use certain guiding principles to find their clients’ best talents. They are considering the staffing needs of the client device for them an effective and quick hiring solution.

Our take

For them, we designed a tailor-made LinkedIn strategy to get their page from their barely-there presence on LinkedIn to the current following of 1751 followers in just two months.

Plan of action

Let us now break down the process we followed for the client.

  • Campaign ideas for LinkedIn
  • Engaging Poll ideas
  • Blogs on current & trendy topics
  • Wish posts

The campaign ideas for LinkedIn were made to target not just the businesses that were potential partners for the company in the future but also job seekers, both freshers and experienced, who could join the concerned companies in the future. The main idea was to make it the most informative and thought-provoking so that when one reads it, they take a lot back with them.


Chiefly there were three such campaigns that we ran-

We made these three campaigns into concerned hashtags for better reach and engagement

  • With #HireTheRightTalent, we highlighted all the reasons companies must take many things into account while choosing their potential candidate, who can make or break their company in the future.
  • On the other hand, with #BuildARightCareer, we encouraged job seekers to ask the right questions about their future. From their potential job profile to the kind of growth they should be able to achieve within the company while learning and growing themselves. This helped build trust with the audience and not alienate them with false hope and dreams.
  • Finally, the #AreYouPrepared is part of another bigger engagement idea. We hosted polls for the followers and asked relevant questions on the platform. Later the final results were shared with the question that was the job seekers prepared to make the changes or adopt new ways to get further in their concerned industry.


As mentioned above, the polls worked very well with not just the job seekers, but many future partner companies too came to the client with their concerns and how to bridge that gap. But, again, this is because they were getting an accurate picture of the industry with the polls.


Furthermore, we made a blog post about trending topics that were current and very much industry-related. These well-researched blogs helped us give the followers something to look forward to and made them aware of many issues and technological know-how that they might have missed out on.

Wish Post

Specific festivities were celebrated with creative copies that were very on-brand and an absolute delight for both us and the followers alike. This allowed us to connect with followers beyond a typical transactional relationship.


Finally, we saw that all the hard work yielded prizes! In just two months, the follower list grew by a whopping 1751. All the posts we ideated and created were also shared on other platforms. The clientele of the client, too, grew by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, we were glad to be a part of this journey with them.