An Influencer Marketing Campaign that made OKJ shine like a Diamond!


OKJ Jewellery store is one of Chennai’s leading jewellery stores, whose generational journey from Kerala has thrived on uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, and more. They are the pioneers of lightweight jewellery and became the first ones to introduce this design concept to Chennai. Since its inception in 1933,  opt the innovative way   in everything they do. 

Progressive Collaboration – OKJ * SWA

OKJ Gold Jewellers collaborated with SWA Diamonds to launch their diamond collections in the OKJ showroom. They wanted to diversify and add diamond collections to their showroom. 


The collaboration between OKJ and SWA is a marriage between the modern and the traditional, drawing on the past and looking forward to the future. So, OKJ’s goal is to run a marketing campaign to increase the hype for their new launch and it should be a win-win for everyone involved. The point of it is to bring awareness to the importance of diamond jewellery and help increase the number of diamond purchases in the store. They wanted to show just how special diamonds are, and to give the OKJ community a chance to own a piece of the best.

Challenges and Solution

High-quality diamond jewellery is a luxury product that is usually purchased from a physical store, so, it involves a lot of emotional factors.

When it comes to jewellery marketing, one of the biggest challenges is getting their product out there and on the radar of the people who would be most interested in it.

CANIT chose influencer Subiksha Venkat who is very good at reaching the people we want to target. Using the influencer, who was known by potential consumers, we created a campaign where the influencer would get involved in promoting and showcasing OKJ diamond jewels.









Reel views



Campaign Benchmarks

Product Features: Influencer Marketing Campaign

Content Strategy: Used social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to engage audiences.

Marketing tools:

  1. Used reels to explain the diamond collection, shared pictures of previous campaigns, and posted them on social media pages
  2. Regular posts and story updates on social media to keep the audience hooked
  3. Used interactive stories to build hype for the launch
  4. Launched collaboration reel along with the influencer on the day of the diamond collections launch

Influencer Marketing: Leveraged popular influencers to create buzz for the campaign.

How did we strive for the campaign?

  • Collaborated and worked closely with the company during the entire campaign period
  • Generating leads and awareness for the product
  • Promoting sales through influencers
  • Creating excitement and anticipation before the launch date
  • Using the right medium to reach out to customers
  • A consistent presence on various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook
  • Engaging with the target audience online
  • Building trust among the consumers
  • Creating a strong community of compatible followers

Results – Beyond Expectation

It was a great honour that the campaign achieved many successful milestones. The OKJ store set new trends through the influential campaign.

  • 50+ inquiries generated via social media posts and a 12% increase in store walk-ins make OKJ jewellers add a lot more pride to its store through its diamond sales
  • 25k+ reach through the campaign made the store a significant jewellery destination in Chennai
  • 35k+ impressions on their jewellery designs made to reach more millennial customers to their store than before
  • 20k+ reel views have outreached their immense goal of magnificence and crafts man-ship
  • 2k+ engagements have set their business base online and they are ready to achieve many more things with this consistent customer base for their products

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