Chennai Liver Foundation: Winning the play on Google Search!

About Chennai Liver Foundation

By supporting research and educational activities, Chennai Liver Foundation (CLF) promotes awareness about liver health. In addition, the organization provides diagnostic assistance, prevention, and treatment information to the medical community and the general public.

Concerned about the increasing incidence of liver disease, Prof. R.P. Shanmugam founded Chennai Liver Foundation in 1997. Later on, Dr Vivekanandan joined hands to make CLF the first organization in India to focus on supporting research and education into the causes, diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of all liver diseases.

Chennai Liver Foundation has been promoting awareness about liver health for the last two decades, and its objectives are:

Cater to the needs of underprivileged people who are suffering from liver diseases.

Promote liver health and raise awareness to understand liver diseases.

Raise funds for research.

Provide support to patients and their families.

Advocate for improved standards for preventing, diagnosing, and treating liver disease.

Support patients who require Liver transplant surgery.

Promote organ donation.

Patient education.

SEO Campaign Objective

With a good reputation for helping people out, Chennai Liver Foundation approached us with the problem of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website. SEO helps a website rank up in the Google search engine when users search

We at CANIT wanted to approach this at a steady pace, and the following are the objectives of the SEO Campaign:

Segmentation of audience so that those in need find the website first.

Increase traffic to the website.

Third, increase traffic by organic search and density of keywords.


By increasing the density of relevant keywords, we drove traffic to their website.

Their URL is, and the traffic numbers have been climbing with the gradual increase in backlinks and optimization of their website.

For on-page optimization, we at CANIT revised the website content to target local and national search intents. Medical professionals, local hospitals, and national hospitals relating to liver diseases were targeted.

The total number of keywords for which the website is ranked has now been increased three times. This helped Chennai Liver Foundation rank steadily for a variety of intents in the search engine.


How we got them discovered more and more!

With steady consistency come results. For example, the client approached us on February 2022 compared to the current date. The results are as follows:

Total clicks per month increased by 48% from February 2022 to September 2022. In addition, due to an increase in keyword density on their website pages, Chennai Liver foundation has ranked up on user searches around liver hospitals in Chennai.

Impressions increased by 86% during this period, and people are becoming aware of the Chennai Liver foundation.

2000% increase in users when compared to February.

Total keywords used increased threefold in six months, significantly ranking local searches.

With consistent growth in six months, Chennai Liver Foundation ranks on the first page for local search and the third page for national search.