To Build an Ocean with A Drop of Opportunity

CEO – Nicky Bharat

Men and women could be from Mars or Venus, but their missions, I believe, are inevitably Earthbound. Each morning I wake up and think,

“What am I hustling today for?” a place where I can invest my head, heart, and hands into.

“what is it that I can build today?” a place I can professionally rest and find happiness in.

“What difference can I make today?”, results that I can be proud of in the future.

My mission is to venture from Venus to Earth to answer these questions now, somewhat not inevitably.

My descent into Earth has led me to CANIT. This exciting and demanding opportunity requires me to bring a digital light to many organizations and industries unaware of this seamless experience. The drive that pushes our employees to deliver excellence is proof that this light will enlighten brands and their identities. This single-focused mission to create and spread the digital light to every dark corner of India is the motivation of CANIT as an organization to grow, expand and sustain.

The Logo wall in our office is not just a reminder to pat our backs to acknowledge growth; it is a quest, a journey, a dream of every person associated with this organization. We are buckling down to flare up the digital light with propelling ideas, fueled passion, and rocket speed in delivering our promises.

This is the true sense of the festival of light at CANIT, a digital light concept that we have signed, sealed, and promised to deliver. As the mastermind of this spaceship, crafted with love, passion, creativity, and sincerity, I believe that the walls built are to be climbed and not broken, such as these missions are to be fulfilled and not feared.

I wish the universe a happy and lit Diwali!