Decoding the Digital Campaigns of Unacademy

Unacademy is a contemporary brand with learning at the heart of all communications, and the brand aims to be a learner’s only go-to platform. In the fiercely competitive ed-tech world, Unacademy stands out as one of its premier brands. Ed-tech is already a digital space; therefore, to get ahead, a company must be able to push its brand digitally to succeed, an area that Unacademy excels at.

A brand like Unacademy resonates with the youth. Hence, social media opens up a wide array of marketing opportunities since the primary consumer of content on these platforms comprises the student community. With this insight in mind, the Unacademy social media strategy has constantly been changing gears with the evolving times upgrading itself at every level. 

Unacademy’s Digital Campaigns

Unacademy has a sizeable digital presence across various platforms. Here, we look at 5 of their digital campaigns.

  • Unstoppables
  • Ignited Minds
  • TakeABreak
  • Unacademy Unwrap
  • IPL 2022 Partnership


Unacademy Unstoppables is a separate Instagram page dedicated to sharing the stories of their most successful students. Each entry consists of 3 posts, 2 of which are quotes from the students and a short overview of their experience with Unacademy. It is an effective way to communicate the quality of education to their customers.

Ignited Minds

Ignited Minds is a collection of Instagram stories that share motivational and captivating quotes from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The campaign positions its brand as one that stands for education and communicates to the audience that they can aspire for greatness through their service.

Take a Break

The series consists of Instagram stories that contain humorous anecdotes, mini-games, quizzes, and motivational quotes. It was meant to be interacted with while taking study breaks. Hence, all posts feature “relatable content for school children.” 

Combined with an active Twitter handle that posts similar content, they position their brand as “that cool teacher”. Furthermore, specific posts have polls, quizzes, or reposts that drive engagement.

Unacademy Unwrap

Unacademy Unwrap was a contest held on Twitter, where the contestants had to retweet the announcement post, and the winner would get their study space refurbished. Contests like these effectively increase engagement and position the brand as synonymous with studying. It received over 2000 participants.

IPL 2022 Partnership

Unacademy was announced as a sponsor of the 2022 IPL season. They are also primary sponsors of the Kolkata Knight Riders team. This was done to increase brand visibility and engagement from IPL fans, with many of their Instagram posts focused on KKR and the IPL. The posts were highly successful, with the most popular getting over 2 million likes.


Unacademy is undoubtedly a market leader, thanks to its effective digital campaigns. With their strategic partnerships with the IPL giving them massive brand visibility, and their brand positioning as both a friend and a teacher, any business in the ed-tech world can take away many lessons in digital marketing and branding from them without even subscribing to their course on it!